Aesthetic Mobile Presets

Aesthetic Mobile Presets

Aesthetic Presets are ready-to-use filters you can use to simplify the procedure of photo editing on your desktop and mobile devices. When you desire to have a signature aesthetic on Instagram any other social platform or in your photo collection, it starts with rearrangement of your split tones and the tone curve.

These presets are the perfect choice for bloggers, creative people, influencers, and anyone else who wants to make their Instagram feed look aesthetic.

Presets contain high-quality filters powered by lightroom, allowing you to enhance your photos and assist in creating a cohesive Instagram feed. These presets have been developed by graphic designers. You can be assured that the original quality of your photos will not be damaged, and they will be beautified just the way you want.

The filters will work for a wedding, lifestyle, indoor photography, outdoor photography, travel, landscape, and a great choice for a wide range of adventure photography.

Reasons to choose AESTHETIC Mobile Presets

  • The preset makes your Instagram feed outstanding 
  • The preset is capable of giving an elegant, dominant look
  • Quick and easy to use with lightroom mobile app 
  • It has the protection of lifetime purchase
  • Capable of giving high contrast photos with increased clarity 


Popular AESTHETIC Mobile Presets

There is a collection of AESTHETIC presets that elevate your images with user-friendly presets compatible with the lightroom app. You can create customized aesthetics for your social media feed, Instagram, a blog for consistent feed. You can lift up your social media feed with just one click.

All the presets in the collection have been tested before providing them to customers. Remember that all the presets will work differently on each photo. Each of your images is unique in terms of color, light, and exposure. You can slightly adjust the settings of the preset in order to get the desired results. 

There is a collection that is perfect for people who want to create a white, bright clear Instagram feed. Either your photos are fashion, flat lay, food, or styled home, after applying these presets, your photo will achieve an enhanced version.

The collection of presets is the easiest and quickest way to quickly change the final looks of your photo with no hassle.  

Guide to Download Presets 

  • Presets can be downloaded in three ways 
  • Once you have purchased the preset, download the zip file, then unzip them to use 
  • You can send a message to the concerned seller so, he will send you preset file directly 
  • After the payment process is done, you can open the PDF file and then click the “ click here to download the preset. “


Steps to Save the Presets into Lightroom 

  • The first step is to open the Lightroom app on your mobile
  • Create a named folder 
  • Add the photo to the created folder
  • Go into camera roll and select the DNG image
  • Select the option of creating preset from the drop-down list
  • Label the preset, then save it by clicking on the tick
  • Repeat the process for the rest of your photos.

Preset Collection 

  • DNG file of lightroom presets
  • One-click automated filters
  • Detailed installation instruction (video + pdf)
  • Quick Download 

Working of AESTHETIC Mobile Presets

  • Within minimum steps, you can install preset and enjoy editing like a pro
  • The first step is to download the preset file, unzip it and keep that file somewhere easy to find 
  • The second step is to open the lightroom app then presets will be saved to your preferred location
  • Now you have to import the images by right click anywhere on the preset
  • Go to the location having your downloaded presets 
  • The preset is ready to use.

Don’t wait to buy AESTHETIC Mobile Presets

AESTHETIC Mobile presets can be considered as a great editing tool for photographers, designers, travelers. These presets have the capability to enhance your photos in a way you can think of, the thing that makes presets versatile is that it comes in a package that is easy to use.

 You can edit thousands of pictures in the form of badges with just a one-time payment. These amazing presets by Julie Presets are trusted by the photographers in the world for professional editing of their photos.

There are many presets available in the market, but we’ll suggest you choose AESTHETIC Mobile Presets which are developed by professionals and are designed to provide great value for offering attractive styles.

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