8 Best Mobile Lightroom Presets for Travel Photos in 2021

8 Best Mobile Lightroom Presets for Travel Photos in 2021

Optimize and enhance your Travel photos with the best travel presets for Lightroom! We are going to share with you the best travel filters and presets for mobile lightroom that you can download and apply to your travel photos. 

An average camera just can’t capture the exact minor details for a moment that is special to you. You almost always need to do further editing to make the most of your travel photography experience.

If you don’t want to go through the editing process, then using travel presets is your best option. These Presets help you edit your travel photos without having to spend hours editing photos on professional editing software. You just need to apply the presets on your photos, do minor adjustments and you’d be good to go 

Below are the 8 best travel presets for lightroom that you need to check out in 2021  

  1. PARADISE Mobile Presets 

PARADISE Mobile Presets is a set of 5 presets that would help you give your travel photos an Urban City tone. You can go for a warm, cool, cozy, or moody tone for your photos. There are multiple variations that you can choose from as per your editing requirement. These presets would help you give your photos a vintage, rich and warm tone. The colors would feel natural. Use these filters on daytime photos for the best results.   

Paradise mobile presets

  1. WANDERLUST Mobile Presets

This Presets pack offers you 4 different presets that you can open on your mobile Lightroom app and apply to your photos. These presets would give your photos a punchy and vibrant look. If you are going for colorful effects for your images and you want to edit beach photos, then these preset would be the best choice for you. 

Wanderlust mobile preset

  1. BALI Mobile Presets

This set of 10 presets by JuliPresets would be your best choice for Lifestyle photo editing needs. You can apply these presets to beach photos and wide landscape photos. You can use these filters when doing inspirational photography. This mobile Lightroom presets would make your subject stand out from the scene and would help you create an effective message through your photos. Use these filters to add lifestyle tone, specifically crisp blues to your photos.     

Bali mobile preset

  1. BOUNTY Mobile Presets

With the BOUNTY Lightroom Presets pack, you get 4 mobile presets. You get to create aesthetic photo editing effects with these presets. You can apply these filters to your travel images and edit the temperature, exposure, and other settings to bring out your signature look. These presets are highly customizable, and you can play around with different settings to get the exact kind of look for your photos that you want to see.  

Bounty mobile preset

  1. BRIGHT SUMMER Mobile Presets

BRIGHT SUMMER Presets give you a collection of 6 presets that you can use on portrait photos. There is a wide range of styles that you can choose from to edit your travel portrait photos. You can adjust the colors and brightness levels to make your travel photos come to life. These presets would help you edit your travel photos more simply and in an interactive way. 

Bright summer mobile preset

  1. COLOR POP Mobile Presets 

This presets pack contains 4 different premium Lightroom presets for mobile travel photography. These preset include vibrant colors, hues, and the feeling that you’d feel when looking at the natural ocean scenery. Get the same breathtaking feel for your images with vibrant colors and optimized tones with these Lightroom Presets. These presets can be customized as per your standard images and the kind of editing that you want to do on your travel photos.   

Color pop mobile preset

  1. AUSTRALIA Mobile Presets

AUSTRALIA Lightroom Presets is a set of 10 filters for Lightroom mobile. These filters would help you create a professional look for your park and landscape photos. You can try out these different presets on your photos to find a unique and attractive look for your photography work. With these filters, you would be able to edit your photos on the go. You can apply these filters to your photos taken in the continent Australia.  

Australia mobile preset

  1. ORANGE TEAL Mobile Presets

ORANGE TEAL Mobile Lightroom Presets would help you create a punchy, vibrant, and dreamy look for your photos. This pack comes with 10 different presets and you can use these filters to create a moody feel for your travel images. With the extensive customization options that you get with Lightroom mobile with these presets, you would be able to edit the settings and change them to create a unique look for your travel photos.  

Orange teal mobile preset

Wrapping Up 

Mobile Lightroom Travel Presets would help you make your dull and dark travel photos come to life by making them clearer and more vibrant. Plus, you always have the option to further tweak the settings as per your personal preference. Check the best travel presets that we have reviewed here for an awesome travel photos editing experience. 

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