Candy Mobile Presets

Candy Mobile Presets

This preset was explicitly designed to work with a variety of images. Each candy preset has been tested in various lighting environments to ensure the perfect setting for your photos all the time. Using these fabulous Presets, Instagrammers, bloggers, and photographers, or anyone who wants to enhance their photos will create beautiful aesthetic images that will attract their viewers.

There is an excellent collection of candy presets available in the market that focuses on blues, pinks, whites, and bright colors but with a low reddish-brown tone to give it a luxurious look. It will indeed take all your photos to the next level. These presets can create a unique Instagram feed, and you can edit existing photos as an Instagram influencer with these presets.

Candy Lover Lightroom Presets will add sweet tones of pink and blue tones to help achieve a pink light effect on your photos in just a few clicks. These filters are easily editable and enhance your everyday photos with a modern and consistent look. Candy Lover Presets will work well for portraits, weddings, blogger, fashion, travel, holidays, landscape, entertainment, holidays, and adventure. These can be considered a good choice for almost any type of photography.

Candy presets are designed to make your photos brighter, colorful, and airy. This is for people who enjoy bright colors while also giving your photos a natural look.

You can use this to grow your Instagram business or create a better photo album for your family. These presets will change your traveling time and make it memorable for the rest of your life. It can filter the pictures of your kids, family, blogging, or home photos better than ever.

This reset will look great on all your indoor photos as well as your beautiful outdoor photos. This preset can be applied to any photo with just a few tweaks to add yellow, orange tones to get the perfect skin tone for your photo. In addition, you can level up your social media game with Candy Mobile Presets and edit your Instagram photos as a professional on your mobile device.

Plus, if you are a blogger, you can bring your Instagram blog to the next level and give it a theme that represents your lifestyle. Giving your Instagram blog a consistent beauty will help improve your portfolio

All the Premium Candy Presets have been tested in the Lightroom to provide 100% non-destructive results. The results of the testing were amazing

Steps to Download

1- Make sure you have the Lightroom app already downloaded to your mobile phone.

2- Ensure you have access to the seller's account via Safari / Chrome, do not forward your email or the seller's account to anyone you will be prompted to download errors.

3- Go to your account profile and go to "Purchase," and png files will appear to start the download process.

4- To download the files, click on "Download Files," once you get the files downloaded, select "Copy to Lightroom."

5- After selecting that, it will lead you to the Lightroom app.

6- Once you reach the Lightroom app, to perform a preset, select three dots in the top right corner and select "create preset," and from there, you can name whatever you like.

7. Once you have found some photos in the Lightroom, go to "Preset," which will be in the app's bottom bar, and your presets will appear.


Accessing your digital files:

• Open the tutorial file.

• Click to 'click here' in the download area to download the preset.

• Download the DNG file

• Add a DNG file to your Lightroom Mobile application.

• Click the three dots to the right at the top of your Lightroom app.

• Select the 'Create preset', which allows you to save the preset to the application's preset editing option to edit other images.

Package Includes

  • 5 Lightroom Reset in DNG mobile format 
  • PDF Installation Guide with Videos
  • Permanent access to files
  • Instant download (Download preset after payment)
  • 24/7 support 


  • Compatible with all image formats
  • Compatible with Lightroom Mobile App 
  • Compatible with Desktop Lightroom
  • Compatible with Photoshop


There are many good sets available in the market today. However, most photographers and other people who want to promote their Instagram feed cannot do that without presets.

Depending on the user's need, Candy Mobile Presets offers many presets that make it very easy for you to choose one as the first place to work from there. The Candy Mobile Presets offers a significant advantage in the package, including many attractive and adaptable styles that any photographer can appreciate and find easy to use.

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