New York Mobile Presets

New York Mobile Presets

New York Mobile Presets are a great way to add dramatic looks and vibrant colors with pretty and eye-catching tones to your photographs of New York City.  The New York presets help photographers with a wide array of settings. The preset pack is crafted to give your photos life. The New York Mobile Presets pack contains multiple settings where you can make temperature changes and other edits in a subtle way. The New York set of presets allows you to get the aesthetic look you’ve always wanted for your traveling shots. You will be able to get the style and perfection with a few simple clicks. This perfect collection of presets changes your everyday editing game to the next level. Cities, sea, lifestyle, fashion, food, fitness, or weddings, these presets are a great choice to make for professional editing. 

New York mobile presets

Don’t miss the magic touch

The New York set of presets was tested on a wide variety of images and proved to be perfect for your summer travels, fashion, and lifestyle shots. These preset were particularly designed having an Instagram feed in mind where you can have photos captured in different These presets for some cool-looking portraits, and you will love the smoother and beautiful photos. Make these fashion and lifestyle shots look amazing for your Instagram feed. This city style mobile presets help you clean up your street and city photos by adding intensive effects and clarity that enhance your urban photography. These New York City presets emphasize beautiful and vibrant tones to your New York shots. These preset give your photos color science that neutralizes grays and get your photos cleaned and cohesive. These bundles are specifically designed for New Location photos captured. 

You will be able to enjoy

Contrasty filmic styles added to your photos

Unique colors touch make the colors pop

Bring a nostalgic look to your photos with low contrast and vibrant pastel colors

Level up New York photos editing skills

Add beauty to your New York photos filled with gloss, youth, energy, and madness. These presets are perfect for adding consistency and style to your Instagram feed in a beautiful style. If you are a famous blogger or an influencer, you can use these presets to add a modern and stylish look to your photos. These quality mobile presets produce amazing colors and tones, making it easier for you to achieve stunning editing results for your photos of New York. All the presets work differently on your photos and add lighting, dominance, and white balance. If you want to make changes, you can adjust exposure and temperature to get the desired results.

New York mobile presets

Transform your Photos

Get the luxurious look you want for your photos by perfectly accentuating textures and adding the skin tones you want to,

Make your photos mysterious, fancy, and elegant.

Add the breath of fresh frosty air in the feed.

Decorate your entire feed 

Add light effects, tenderness, and chic to your photos

Capture engaging photographs for any season and add eye-catching effects and colors such that no one knows you edited your photos.

The New York Presets Collection is

Compatible with the Lightroom application

Works on Android and iOS

Compatible with multiple image formats

It can be immediately downloaded

It comes with a detailed guideline



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