Pastel Desktop Presets

Pastel Desktop Presets

Make your photos outstanding with this preset package which includes several different Lightroom presets. This preset was designed specifically for travelers and lifestyle photos to give your photos a bright and attractive pastel look. In addition, these presets are great for bloggers, promoters, photographers, and anyone who likes to take and post great photos.

There is a bundle of presets that can be used in almost all types of situations. So whether you take a fantastic selfie or take some great photos on your new camera, these preset will upgrade the level of your photos. In addition, they were ideal for a variety of lighting conditions, even in areas with shallow light.

These presets are compatible with a desktop version with a straightforward installation that can take just a few minutes. Suppose you are looking for a great way to add beautiful color effects to your photos. This collection of twenty-four Lightroom presets is the perfect solution. The set includes a preset that has a variety of different tones. The colors and tones are soft, but they can transform your photos amazingly. This preset works fine with many images but is especially useful for exterior paintings.

Get that beautiful look you've been looking for in your photo post or style that will give your photos the perfect results with just a few clicks. These Presets are accurately tested in various images and are very diverse.

The presets are available in three different formats, one is .xmp files that can be used with the latest version of Lightroom and LR Classic, .lrtemplate older version files (LR4, LR5, and LR6), and .dng files can be used in the mobile application.

Why Choose Desktop Pastel Presets

  • You don't have to waste your energy altering your photographs
  • you can consummately alter the shadows and shades of your photographs
  • you will cherish the alter over and over without a doubt

Package Includes

• Several Presets in .xmp Format

• Several Presets in .lrtemplate Format

• Several presets in .dng Format

• Compatible with Lightroom Mobile

• Compatible with Windows and Mac

• 24/7 Support

• Installation Instructions in pdf 

Benefits of using presets

1. Pastel Desktop presets speeds up your editing process.

2. Lightroom's unique preset collection allows you to organize a group of identical images easily.

For example, you have done a photoshoot with a series of sea photos. Instead of arranging each photo separately, a free Lightroom setup will help you get the best photos quickly.

In the same way, you will use several other Lightroom presets, like night photos, but it is necessary that you can add a free set of Lightroom to your photos that can be collected under the same category.

3. The Pastel Adobe presets help you create your signature. The competition between photographers is fierce, no doubt. To be the best photographer, you need to find your style and stand out from the crowd.

Installation of Presets Desktop Version

  • Unzip the ZIP file (desktop version) with the presets you downloaded from the site.
  • Open the Lightroom Classic and go to develop module. You will see modules listed at the top, right. For example, you will be in the Library module when the system first opens.
  • On the left side, you will see a section called Presets. Notice that there are already some basic presets available in the list.
  • Click the + icon at the top right of the category.
  • Choose to import Presets from the drop-down menu.
  • Navigate to the folder Lightroom Classic folder and select preset ZIP files, then click on Import. Selecting ZIP files is the preferred import method here, as it saves the archive folder structure.
  • Your installed presets will now be listed in the Presets module.


These presets are ideal for fledglings, just as expert photographic artists searching for a helpful method to make their photographs seem great. Along these lines, don't stand by and alter your photographs without burning through huge loads of time and energy now.

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