Pastel Mobile Presets

Pastel Mobile Presets

Pastel Tones preset is the most popular look and is a great way to soften and brighten up your photos. There are several different presets available, and they can add warmth to your photos. These latest presets are easy to use because you apply the appropriate filter preset to your lighting situation. If you are taking outdoor photos and want to enhance the blues, use this preset. These presets can enhance home photos with daylight from the windows.

There are many Pastel Lightroom Presets bundles available in the market to enhance your outdoor and studio photos that give them a graceful and pleasing eye look. Give your photos a soft, sweet look with Pastel Color Lightroom Presets. Take out the yellow, teals, and magentas while giving any image a relaxed and friendly look.

Mobile Lightroom Preset for advanced photo editing using the free Lightroom application is perfect for bloggers, promoters, or those who want to make their daily photos fresh.

Pastel Soft Warm Mobile Preset is the perfect Pastel Pink tone to add to your preset collection. Fashionable and feminine and perfect choice for a girl trying to create some harmony in her photos. It is not recommended to use Warm Pink preset for underexposed or darker background images.

Key Features

Perfect Pastels

Pastel colors are creamy and straightforward, ready to elevate the image and give it more spirit. Pastel Presets package offers a variety of color lighting options in the image while giving them extra personality.

Fully customize

Once the reset is applied to the image, it will give your photo a remarkable change. Every look is wholly customized using powerful coloring tools in the Lightroom application.

Enhance Shadows

These preset will give you a brighter color and enhance the shadows of your photos, revealing details that you may have lost. So if you're searching for a unique way to enhance your photos, don't go for less.

Portraits & Landscape Mode

This package, several Lightroom Presets, is developed by Aaron Nace to work with any image. So whether you want to add a soft color to a client's wedding photos or you are a food photographer who needs to bring beautiful colors to a container, this look will work for you.

Includes in Package

  • 5 Lightroom Mobile Presets (DNG Files )
  • Instructions detailed PDF instructions for custom installation
  • Quick Download Immediate access to the PDF and Dropbox folder containing the reset
  • Free support 24/7 Please reach out to any questions 

Popular Pastel Mobile Presets

 This bundle of preset is for your sunset and colorful photos. It takes all your photos to the next level. I will give your photos a subtle, pastel, bright and vibrant feel. This preset can create a fantastic Instagram feed, and you can edit as an Instagram influencer with this preset on your photos.

 This collection of presets is designed for all your home-based photos that give your photos an amazing vibe and preserve and enhance all colors. This preset can make a unique Instagram feed. 

Pretty & Pastel Preset Bundle contains several Lightroom photo editing filters that will add airy, pastel pink tones to your Instagram photos. This preset is FULLY Instagram influencers, travel bloggers, and founders who want to take their photos to the next level with just one click.

These presets are only for mobile lightroom applications; these are not compatible with desktop lightroom.

Presets Included in Package

  • Powder Blue
  • Pale Bisque
  • Thistle
  • Lumber
  • Purple Dream
  • Eton Blue
  • Champagne Pink
  • Pale Orange
  • Soft Apricot
  • Light Yellow

Please remember that you will need to adjust your settings based on your photo, camera settings, and lighting conditions. 


These presets can provide you with something new and exciting that can be better suited to other types of photography. Instead of making a difference, they can make your photos look the same and put them in front of you. Most of the presets are cheap, and they give a fantastic effect to your photos. We will highly recommend you buy this suit of presets to lift your business or casual photos.

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