Vintage Mobile Presets

Vintage Mobile Presets

Vintage Mobile Presets are developed to recreate a glamorous atmosphere for your photos in just a couple of clicks. These presets are designed to add several effects to your photos, like grain, sepia light, and film simulations. These preset allow you to give perfect looks to your photos so that you can try a variety of styles on your photos quickly. 

Without using presets, photographers can take years to test and master a variety of photo edits. But presets let you try different styles more quickly. These preset help you create your own brand by selecting the styles and effects you feel best to showcase your personality in a unique way. 

You can use these presets to convert every photo from color and contrast to shadow and highlights. You will be able to enjoy professional editing with far less time and get more versatile results than doing edits yourself without preset. Every vintage preset have different formats allowing you to customize the looks of your photos. 

These presets are developed to give a film-like effect to your photo, the primary goal is to provide smooth, creamy, and muted photos that have subtle green undertones.

Why choose VINTAGE Mobile Presets 

This collection of preset can simplify your work by giving an immediate result. Photo editing software can take years to master. So, using the presets is a great way to simplify your work and get desired adorable results within some clicks.

Time is the most valuable thing in the modern era. Most people do many things besides their profession of photography. In this case, presets and lightroom is the best way to go. You just make some adjustments to get some specific style and flavor without getting started from scratch.

The versatility of presets allows you to test a variety of looks in a single image within seconds. All the collection of presets have cohesive styles, and each preset works differently to varying skin tones and lighting conditions.

Popular Collection of VINTAGE Mobile Presets

There are wonderful vintage sets of presets. Presets are in great vintage condition with age. The measurement of these presets is 11mm round and 8 mm deep. These presets are the best choice to turn your photos into nostalgia awesome photos. You will get amazing cyberpunk colors that can work great for nighttime pictures. By buying the collection, you will get an incredible fifty extra presets.

The collection of presets ensures that your photos will acquire new charm, artistry, and emotionality. VINTAGE Mobile will help you add beautiful, clean, moody, and unique tones to your photographs in just a few clicks. This remarkable capability of preset allows you to spend more time on shooting and less time on editing. It will work in a non-destructive way to get a high-quality look. 

These presets will work perfectly for street, moody, travel, vacations, fashion, lifestyle, blogger, influencers, landscape, and best choice for all categories of photography. This collection of presets can be used in adobe lightroom. These bundles of presets are compatible with lightroom versions as well as compatible with adobe and JPEG.

There is one thing that needs to be remembered that all presets work differently on every photo due to dominant color and white balance etc. So, you may have to adjust some settings of preset in order to get the desired results

Preset Includes

  • Preset files contain DNG file
  • Automated filters
  • Installation instructions 

Working of VINTAGE Mobile Presets

  • Working of presets can be explained in the following simple steps 
  • Download the zip file of presets
  • Lightroom must be installed on your phone. Presets will populate in the lightroom app
  • Right-click anywhere on the preset and then import 
  • Navigation to your downloaded presets
  • Preset is ready to use


Most of the photographers and other people who want to lift up their Instagram feed find they cannot keep working without using presets. Depending on your needs, VINTAGE Mobile Presets offers numerous presets, making it quite easy for you to pick one as starting point to work your way from there.

 The VINTAGE Mobile Presets offer incredible benefits for what they offer, including a great deal of alluring and adaptable styles any photographic artist would appreciate and discover simple to utilize.

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