Step-by-step instructions for loading presets in Lightroom Classic CC

Step-by-step instructions for loading presets in Lightroom Classic CC

Welcome to our step-by-step instructions. Below in this guide, we've covered (including screenshots) the entire installation and use of presets so that you can quickly and easily install XMP presets into the Lightroom Classic CC.

Use one-click presets to make your photos amazing, adding incredible colors.

After payment, you receive a screen from which you can download, as well as an email with a download button (it leads almost to the same screen).

After downloading, open Lightroom on your desktop. Next, click on the plus on the panel and then on "IMPORT PRESETS” (shown in the screenshot).

Then select the folder with the loaded presets, select all presets and click on “IMPORT“.

Done, the preset has been saved to your Lightroom Classic CC in the editing panel. Let's move on to editing your photos.

Add your photo to Lightroom and select it. Click "FILE" in the upper panel of the Lightroom and then "IMPORT PHOTO AND VIDEO". After that, your photo will appear in the Lightroom. Next, click on "DEVELOP".

On the left side of the presets panel, you will find your presets, all that remains is to click on any of the presets. 

A preset is not only a one-click presets for your photo, it's also a good base for editing. After applying a preset, you can make additional settings to adjust the preset settings for better editing results.

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