How to Install Presets on Android

How to Install Presets on Android

Mobile photography and photo editing technologies have come a long way over the years. Even if you are not a professional photo editor, you can still do stunning photo editing by using presets. All this can be done using your smartphone, which makes things even more interactive and fun.   

If you are photoblogger or a Social Media Influencer, you’d want to keep your account updated with the latest and fresh content for your followers. Photo editing is a huge part of that. And If you can’t edit your photos on the go, then this can get quite annoying for you. 

Enter Lightroom Presets!

You can install presets for Lightroom mobile app and apply them to your images and create professional edits on the fly. 

We are going to explore the benefits of Lightroom presets and how you can install and use them on your Android     

Benefits of Using Lightroom Presets

  • Professional Photo Editing Experience

Lightroom Presets enable you to build on the editing skills of professional editors. You can purchase premium presets online and use them in your photos. By customizing these presets, you can create a unique look for your photos, without having to go through much trouble. These presets are the best choice for travel bloggers who can’t afford to take their photo editing system, wherever they go.   

  • Huge Variety of Presets to Choose From 

There are thousands of Lightroom and other presets available online that can be used to do professional photo editing. You can get color specific, region-specific and even feel-specific presets. If you just know how to do basic tweaks, you’d be able to use these presets anywhere you want to.   

  • Saves Time  

The biggest benefit of the Lightroom presets is the time that you save for photo editing. Instead of having to manually edit all your photos, you can use presets and do your edits in an instant. This is the power of presets and why they are the best choice for photo editing beginners and novices.  

How to Install Presets on Android

  • Using Creative Cloud Services

If you have a desktop Lightroom version that is synced with your android Lightroom app, you can import the presets their and they would automatically show up on your phone. This is the easiest way you can import the presets and use them on your phone. 

Here is how you can use the creative cloud services to add Lightroom presets to your Mobile Lightroom App 

  1. Download a set of presets from the internet 
  2. Run the Lightroom CC cloud-based version on your PC
  3. Go to the menu and choose the File Option from there 
  4. From the Menu, choose the Import Profiles and Presets option 
  5. Browser your PC to find the Presets file 
  6. Select the File and click on the Import Button 
  7. The preset would be added to the Lightroom 

Now, you can go on and open your Lightroom mobile app. You will see the newly added presets in the Presets Tab.  

  • Without Using Desktop 

You can add the Lightroom presets to your Android Lightroom App without using the Desktop Lightroom app. The process for that is quite simple. It is best suited for people who are not into photo editing and want to edit their photos on the go. 

Here is how you can install presets on Lightroom Android without using your desktop 

  1. Download Lightroom Presets from the internet using your phone 
  2. Run the Lightroom Mobile App
  3. Go to the Edit and choose Photo from your Storage 
  4. Choose the Presets option from the edit page 
  5. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the menu to open preset settings 
  6. Select the Import Presets Option 
  7. Choose the Presets File from your Storage 
  8. Wait for the Presets to Load up in the Adobe Lightroom Mobile App 

Once the presets are done upload, you can apply them to all your photos. You need to keep in mind that the presets that you download are stored in the local storage of your phone. If the downloaded presets are on the cloud, you won’t be able to add them to the Lightroom mobile. Presets just won’t show up in the storage.  

Final Words

This is all there is to it! The process for installing presets on android is quite simple and if you follow the above methods, you should be able to pull it off without much trouble. 

Using Lightroom presets give you a more interactive photo editing experience. These presets can prove to be a great editing tool for you when you have to edit photos on the go. Of course, you can go for manual editing if you want to. But if saving is your primary concern, using Lightroom presets will help you do just that.   

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