About Julipresets

Since 2018 JuliPresets has been creating professional Lightroom presets for high-quality photo editing. 
People are happy to come back to us when they want to create a cohesive Instagram feed by choosing our ready-made collections of presets. 
JuliPresets mission is to provide everyone with high quality and trendy photo editing tool in one click.

Create a collection of presets is a magical time for us. We try to find a unique formula of photographs, combine different colors and shades. Our presets adjust color settings, tones, color curves, and many other photo settings.
It doesn't matter who you are in photography, professional photographer, novice blogger, artist, young mom, or anyone else. We make professional photo editing accessible to everyone.

We use cutting edge monitors to ensure our presets are accurate and display correctly on all devices.
We have over 1000 unique styles to take you to the next level in photo editing.

We are here to create amazing images with you

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Cohesive Instagram Feed our clients

IG @dreams.of.sophie

Sophie using the Light Airy Presets for editing.

IG @danasattler

Dana using the Bright Airy Presets for editing.

IG @soulofsugar

Esther using the Rose Gold Presets for editing.

The best way to understand us is to try it!

Choose one style for a low price, or experiment and swap out different styles with our daily super deals.

Given our experience, we understand that a preset may not always meet your expectations or suit your photos, so we guarantee each of our customers a free replacement of the purchased preset with any other from our store.

Edit photos on the go in the Lightroom mobile application by choosing mobile presets (Adobe subscription is not required) or in your desktop version of Lightroom by choosing desktop presets. You purchase presets only once and can use them indefinitely.

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