Summer Insta Highlights Covers

Summer Insta Highlights Covers

These covers are a great way to create effective edits, but if you just started photography or you are a new person to photo editing, it might be useful to know how and when to use the cover. If you want ultra-realistic, artsy, and other styles, these covers can deliver fast and reliable results by utilizing the Lightroom app. cover has taken the online world by a tempest. 

Everybody needs sleek photographs on their web-based media accounts, choose from the collection of cover and transfer your social media feed and make it engaging and consistent like PRO. It has never been easy for the world to create a cool, minimalistic, vintage feeling within just one click. These covers can level up your Instagram feed by making your summer photos look more professional and attractive. Lightroom cover helps you enhance your own looks that match your personality through different effects.

Reasons to choose Summer Insta Highlights Covers

These covers can be the photographer’s benefactor. These covers can be your best friend, open a photo in the develop section and hover over your covers list. You will rapidly see in the navigator preview an enormous number of variations of the same photo. You can choose the one you most like and then proceed to apply the desired effect to your summer photos.

Even subsequent to culling adverse pictures, covers are the ideal response to the scale that manual altering. They can help you expand your Lightroom skills. When you apply your favorite cover, you can explore their settings, play around with them and look at how they affect your photo.

It is a great learning tool for photographers and editors; rather than starting from scratch, you can achieve the desired editing results in just a few clicks. These covers allow you to get complex results. You will be able to transform your photos that look professional.

Editing from covers and presets will become more consistent than if you were editing them manually. if you are using the same cover on multiple photos will make them fit and composed. Therefore, it will help you to develop your own identifiable brand. 

Popular Summer Insta Highlights Covers 

Summer Insta Highlights covers are the ideal way to style up your Instagram feed with covers for Instagram highlights. The collections include simple black and white highlight icons for social media feeds. 

These eye-catching covers will take your Instagram feed to the next level. If you want to take your social media presence very seriously, then this collection of covers are the perfect choice for you. The package of magical summer install covers is ideal for wedding planners, bloggers, photographers, makeup artists, and online stores. These stunning covers are in jpeg 300 dpi files ready for use, and all are comprised in one zip file.

Your Instagram feed can look prettier and fresh with cute highlight covers. Covers are best for influencers, brands, photographers, and small business creators.

Instructions to update highlights 

  • Download the covers and sends images to cell phone 
  • Click highlight cover on your profile
  • Select “edit highlight’’ from the 3 dots at the right corner 
  • Click on the edit cover option 
  • Swipe to the right and select your new cover image from your camera roll
  • Stretch out icon image to fit the circle
  • Click and hold onto the top right until it takes you back to your profile

Download Includes 

  • 1080px x 1920px (images )
  • PNG icons
  • High-resolution images 
  • Instant Download file

How to use Highlights 

  • Download zip file to your computer 
  • Selected icons must be saved on your phone ( important note is all the files should be unzipped on your computer before transferring them to your phone )
  • Open Summer Insta Highlights, select edit highlight, select edit cover, and finally upload every icon.


Highlight Covers are handy tools for photographers. They do provide novelty that may be suitable to other kinds of photography. Covers provide a vital creative process of organic evolution of your photos and complete guideline of the tools and procedures required to do that.

Using Highlight covers is a huge time saver when you edit hundreds of photographs. By using covers can highlight style throughout your portfolio.

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